SYNDICATE is an industrial and manufacturing company that deals with
development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of innovative technologies

The company entered the market in 2012, and on September 1, 2017, it began operating under
registered Name “SYNDICATE”.

In 2019, the company started developing models for collecting and storing garbage under
land. In June of the same year, I received an order for the installation of the first
a garbage system in which a completely autonomous system was implemented
powered by solar panels.

After installing pilot underground waste systems, the company focused on implementing software for managing the system in real time: monitoring the fullness of Tanks, notifying utilities about the need to clean containers. The technology provides optimization of waste collection routes and schedules at the
based on the received reports.

As a result, the number of trips to collect waste decreased, which allowed
save fuel, labor, and reduce fleet costs.
In addition, minimize the number of garbage trucks on the roads and reduce their time
operation helps to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, noise and
road surface wear