SYNDICATE underground waste systems –
innovative collection, sorting and
waste storage that solves problems:

– Dirt in garbage collection points;
– Infections from waste products;
– Bad smell on the streets and houses territories
– Street animals that congregate near landfills and may pose a threat;
– Unsightly appearance, which worsens the image of the city.


1. Quality
– Simple, convenient and reliable electro-mechanical lifting system;
– Complete set of systems from the checked European manufacturers;
2. Energy efficiency
– 24V is enough for power supply;
– Possibility of connection to the independent power supply system (solar batteries);
3. Convenience
– Access to the lifting system is carried out by means of the remote control;
4. Servisce:
– Turnkey installation speed – up to 6 hours;
– Full warranty and post-warranty service;
– Troubleshooting within 24 hours.
5. Security



The entire installation process consists of three main
steps that make it easy to can complete it in three business days:

1. Land works: initial and final
– Initial-marking of a plot of land for a pit,
digging a pit, preparation
using gravel and screening the base of the pit for the installation
of a concrete pit
for the underground garbage system.

– Final – filling with screening around the concrete pit, restoration of the Earth
around the system.


2. Installation of a concrete pit-pre-prepared concrete slabs are covered with a hydro-protective layer of bitumen Mastic before installation (to protect the ingress of moisture inside, where the system itself will be located). Concrete structures
plates are mounted directly in the pit itself. All work related to installation is carried out inside the pit itself – this allows you to dig a pit the size of a concrete pit (very important when installing in places with limited space for PMS). Concrete slabs are attached to each other by welding the embedded parts that are present on each slab. All joining joints of concrete slabs must be treated with a special adhesive
to create tightness of the pit.

3. System installation the system is transported unassembled, which allows you to deliver more systems in one transport than when assembled. Assembly is carried out very quickly, since it has already been assembled and
tested in production. The assembled system is” submerged ” in a concrete pit using a truck crane.
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Smart Trash Can

Smart Trash Can is a modern complex that includes collecting and pressing garbage,
as well as online notifications about filling the tank placed inside.

SYNDICATE smart bins solve waste problems in the city or residential complex.
– The lid opens when interacting with the motion sensor, which ensures hygienic safety of a person.
– A special mechanism compresses garbage. 1 Smart Trash Can holds a volume of 8 regular trash cans;
– A special indicator indicates timely cleaning of the container.
– Illumination allows you to use the bins equally conveniently day and night.
– Self-powered by solar panels helps to save on electricity.

Options for underground trash cans


The designed trash can fits harmoniously into the infrastructure of a modern metropolis.